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JackPower is your one stop shop for precision CNC machining, production, and prototypes from large to small, short or long run.


  You source your complex components in the required time, at competitive prices, in the required quality and increase your success with our service and production support.

Our dedicated and highly skilled engineering and manufacturing team apply innovative solutions to each project.With over 10 years of combined experience in the machining industry, we can tackle tough problems, and respond quickly to meet your needs!

Our processes can add style and durability to your finished parts.

Innovative. Custom. Precise. On-Time.

Special Orders, No Problem
Full Assembly service, from riveting, adhesives to bonding we accommodate your custom needs. Please contact us for details.

The material used in CNC machining can range from soft materials like foam and plastic to hardened steel and Titanium. Therefore, it is by far the best method for functional testing of prototypes when actual materials used for eventual mass production are utilized during the machining.

Our advanced manufacturing platform is the most efficient way to get your custom parts. Guaranteed quality parts at consistently low prices and fast lead times.


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